1.1. Only those candidates who have obtained 50% (45% in the case of SC/ST and Category-I and Physically handicapped) of the aggregate of all the subjects he/she studied for three years degree examination or the final year examination or the equivalent examination shall be eligible for adminission to the B.Ed. Course. If any of the seats reserved for candidates belonging to the scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other categories are not filled due to non-availability of eligible candidates, there would be corresponding increase in the unreserved quota. The reservation of seats for the admission to the B.Ed. course in respect of the candidate, belonging to the Scheduled castes, Scheduled tribes and other categories shall be according to the circulars issued by the Government of Karnataka from time to time.

1.2. In respect of admission to Bachelor or Education course he/she obtained a degree in bachelor of Arts/Science with at least any ONE of the following languages;
a) (i) Kannada (ii) English (iii) Hindi (iv) Urdu (v) Marathi (vi) Sanskrit and
b) Any two of the following Electives:
i) History (ii) Political (iii) Sociology (iv) Geography (v) Economics (vi) Philosophy (vii) Psychology (viii) Physics (ix) Chemistry (x) Botany (xi) Zoology (xii) Geology (xiii) Mathematics (xiv) English (xv) Kannada (xvi) Hindi (xvii) Urdu (xviii) Marathi (xix) Sanskrit (xx) Microbiology

1.3 . No person shall be eligible to apply for admission to the B.Ed. course in any college unless:
a) He is a citizen of India.
b) He had studied in one or more government or government recognized educational institutions in the State of Karnataka for a minimum period of seven academic years at any time prior to the date of inviting applications and should be Karnataka candidate for at government seats. Karnataka candidate means a student who has studied for at least seven full academic years in any recognized institutions in Karnataka from first standard.


2.1. College shall admit all the candidates allotted by the Government of Karnataka through Common Entrance Test (CET) or any appropriate agency recognized by Government of Karnataka.

2.2. for filling the other seats, the respective colleges shall select the candidates following eligibility criteria as envisaged in Regulations 1.1 and 1.2

2.3. The College should get the selected candidates, both under Government quota and Management quota, within the date fixed for admission.

2.4. The total intake of all B.Ed. colleges shall be 100 or as fixed by NCTE/Government of Karnataka from time to time.

2.5. The students’ ratio in Science and Arts disciplines shall be generally 50: 50. If sufficient numbers of candidates are not available in Science discipline such of seats shall be adjusted from Arts discipline in the ratio of 25: 75 and vice-versa.


5.1. The following content cum methods of teaching school subjects can be provided in the college.
(i) Kannada (ii) English (iii) Hindi (iv) Urdu (v) History and Civics (vi) Geography (vii) Physics (viii) Chemistry (ix) Mathematics (x) Biological Science.
5.2. Each Student – Teacher shall take two CCM’s of teaching school subjects.
5.3. Arts graduates shall not be permitted to take science subjects or mathematics under methods of teaching and vice-versa.

5.4. Each college shall offer minimum three additional paper (EDA) in second semester. So as to enable the students to select the paper of their choice.

5.5. Each theory paper shall be transacted for four periods per week, in respect of core papers; for five periods per week in respect of method papers; and for two periods per week in respect of each of the additional papers.


6.1. A student-teacher must have 80% of attendance in each semester in all theory papers and practicum. Attendance shortage to the extent of 5% can be condoned by the University on the recommendation of the concerned Principal of the college.

6.2. A Student-teacher must submit all assignments semester wise to qualify himself/herself for appearing examination. Those who do not submit are not eligible to take up the examinations.

6.3. Submission of assignments, appearing for class tests and participation in the activities conducted by the college in respect of core papers, CCM papers, participation in Citizenship Camp are compulsory. These who fail do so are not eligible for appearing First and Second Semester Exercitations.


7.1. Every student teacher shall execute 20 lessons in each CCM (12 school based 5 college based 1 criticism and 3 micro lessons equal to 2 macro lesson) by following micro teaching cycle pattern

7.2. All the lesson plans are to be approved and guided by rnethod masters.

7.3. Five school based and 3 college based lessons are to be fully supervised by method masters and taken for consideration for awarding marks to practice in teaching.

7.4. Criticism lesson in each CCM will have to be supervised and assessed by preferably concerned method master.

7.5. Practice teaching shall be in one block or spread over or block cum spread over, type depending on the convenience of the college.


3.1 The duration of study for B.Ed. semester course shall extend over a period of 210 days of two semesters. The duration of first semester shall be of 17 weeks and second semester shall be of 18 weeks.

3.2. The minimum duration for practice teaching shall be of six weeks which excludes programmes like micro teaching, simulated teaching unit plan and test.
3.3. The medium of instruction shall be English. However, candidates may be permitted to write their answer in the Examination in Kannada.

3.4. A working day shall be of a minimum of six contact hours and 40 hours of stay per week in a college.

3.5. Student-teachers shall opt English or Kannada medium for teaching practice irrespective of their medium of instruction opted for theory paper in their colleges.


4.1. The B.Ed. semester degree course shall consist of the following theory and practicum parts.


SL.NO Paper Title of the Paper Hours / Week
Education in Emerging India 4
EDC-2 Fundamentals of Educational Psychology 4
EDC-3 Element of Educational management and Educational Technology 4
EDC-4 Content cum methodology of Teaching Schools subject-I 5
EDC-5 Content cum methodology of Teaching Schools subject-II
II CCM-1 Practicum 5
CCM-2 Practicum
III EDA Computer Education 2


SL.NO Paper Title of the Paper Hours / Week
Teaching and Education in Indian Society 4
EDC-8 Psychology of Learner and Evaluation 4
EDM-9 Content cum Method of Teaching School subject-I 5
EDM-10 Content cum Method of Teaching School subject-II 5
EDM-11 Action Research / Educational and Vocational Guidance / Environmental Education / Value Education / Educational and National Concern 2
II CCM-1 Practicum
CCM-2 Practicum

Practicum I and II shown in first and second semesters include practice in teaching CCM-I and II and other related assignments as per the scheme of examination.